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If the file passes, it’s automatically forwarded to the next stage of production for a truly seamless digital workflow.

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We feel the same,” Heller says. “They, and we, also expect the program will provide a historical and contemporary perspective. We teach experimental book making with Warren Lehrer, and digital publishing with Wyatt Mitchell. We also have quite a few integrated business courses with IDEO. ” Grads include Deborah Adler Safe RX, Celia Chang Cravings, Bobby Martin and Jennifer Kinon OCD, and Rick Landers Landers Miller, Peter Buchanan Smith Best Made, Randy J. Hunt Etsy. SAIC is located in downtown Chicago, directly across from Millennium Park, and has views of Lake Michigan, not to mention the area’s architectural icons. The faculty of the Master’s of Fine Arts in Studio, Visual Communication Design program works closely with students to develop their personal voice through individual and collaborative projects that are largely self initiated and result in a range of physical outcomes. Students move easily among departments—such as print media, writing, film, video, new media and animation, sculpture, fiber and material studies, sound, art history, curatorial practices, visual and critical studies and other design disciplines—blending interests and learning, and creating their own grouping of experiences. SAIC attendees begin with seminars that offer specific yet unique methodologies that stem from the faculty’s various practices and research. This offers students a palette of ways of working in areas such as narrative construction, analogy, dialogic mapping, filmic montage, and design and writing.


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